Artist Profile

Angie Snelling Art


I look at the way communication systems work separately and in combination. By manipulating the strength and fragility of steel and paper, I aim to reflect the significance of private communication such as thought or prayer

and contain this within two and three dimensional art.

     My main influences are through travel and observation of religious rituals and superstition. Asian and Chinese culture is fascinating, often including the use of prayer papers that may be burnt or placed in specific locations.

It is the containment and journey of that message that interests me and I look to make art that can be a container of these often private events.

Many cultures and religions use fire as the carrier of their message, whether it be letters sent up the chimney to Father christmas, lighting a candle or the burning of incense or prayer papers.

It therefore seems fitting for my work to be created using an intensely hot flame, carving out the message within the steel.

Communication systems within my work may be clear or opaque, deliberately or not. Thought and prayer is personal and while some of my art can require an insight to reveal the meaning, I frequently use Psalm 23 to more clearly evoke emotion or memory. My art is intended to be inclusive and able to be interpreted on many levels.

    While steel is my main material of choice, other metals such as lead, pewter, copper and silver have a place within my work. Paper is another favourite with its’ endless possibilities. Glass and lamp work are beginning to find more of a place within my work and I intend to progress with this in the future.

    I tend to stay with the natural colour that heat creates on metal. With regard to my work I prefer to include colour when I have a specific meaning or reason to be there.

    Flat steel sheet is prepared to form the plate for the printing press. The smooth surface of thick cotton paper resembles these plates. Being able to subtly alter these blank surfaces is fascinating.

I work from my studio in Northamptonshire.

To see my work outside exhibition times or to discuss a possible commission, please email me. Commissions may be undertaken in two or three dimensional and may incorporate selected letters, words, numbers, shapes or passages of text that have personal meaning.

Artists of Influence

Louise Bourgeois

Christian Boltanski

William Kendridge

Peter Callensen

Xu Bing